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Pebble Associates is a new, people focussed, coaching led, transformation consultancy based in Derbyshire.

Our mission is to heighten your awareness, boost your self-confidence and rediscover your abilities.

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Marston Montgomery, Ashbourne, Derbyshire


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Whether its improving resilience, managing change, reducing stress levels, improving team performance, leadership or inspiring more effective behaviours, we can help you.


Our health and happiness are hugely affected by our environment, belief systems, habits and our ability to cope with change & the challenges life throws at us.


We “create space to think” by driving decision making deeper into the organisation, bringing self-awareness & regard, focus, accountability, and results.


We bring people and horses together to create a fantastic & memorable learning experience that can break down barriers and facilitate personal growth.

What we offer

Pebble Associates is a new, people focussed, business transformation consultancy based in Derbyshire. We offer Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Strategic business transformation and deployment to bring a fresh approach to unleashing your potential and that of any organisation you represent. ​Our mission is to heighten your awareness, boost your self-confidence and discover you and your teams abilities.


We start with you, then work with your team and ultimately your organisation to positively align the collective goals. We work with the whole person, including your wellbeing and use memorable learning experiences to facilitate growth.

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