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Pebble Associates is a new, people focussed, coaching led, transformation consultancy based in Derbyshire.

Our mission is to heighten your awareness, boost your self-confidence and rediscover your abilities.

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Marston Montgomery, Ashbourne, Derbyshire



We are a strong team of experts with backgrounds in the manufacturing, marketing and events industries. We have a true belief in a coaching approach to leadership which delivers sustained people development and behavioural change to inspire a legacy of longevity.

Our team brings together their professional business expertise with a charismatic consultancy & coaching style. We have strong academic links plus take our own personal development seriously. Our approach to operational excellence focuses on coaching people to change behaviours, develop new techniques and incorporate new processes to become a more effective and efficient team. Our methods are easily understood and involve the whole of the organisation, delivering aligned operational excellence and sustained change which is owned by our clients and brings bottom-line value.

We “create space to think”

Driving decision making deeper into your organisation.

Bringing self-awareness & regard, focus, accountability, and results. We unleash the potential within your organisation through aligned people engagement and measured behavioural change.

 Our areas of particular expertise include:

  • Business Strategy, Alignment & Deployment
  • Organisational Structure & Design
  • Daily Performance Management Systems & Tools
  • Operational Excellence, Visual Management, Standard Work
  • Continuous Improvement Tools & Techniques
  • Supply Chain: SIOP Developing a Pull System and Creating Flow
  • People Development & Leadership
  • Mentoring & 1…1 Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Communication; Engagement of the Whole Organization
  • Personal Profiling, 360-Degree, Leadership Competencies
  • Behavioural Change
  • Branding & Product Positioning
  • Event Marketing & Logistics
  • Facilitation & Workshops

For more details or to discuss your specific requirements please contact us on 07802494865 or email

Let’s begin the journey