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Pebble Associates is a new, people focussed, coaching led, transformation consultancy based in Derbyshire.

Our mission is to heighten your awareness, boost your self-confidence and rediscover your abilities.

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Marston Montgomery, Ashbourne, Derbyshire


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At Pebble Associates, we believe in creating new spaces to explore.

With this in mind, we have brought people and horses together to create a fantastic & memorable learning experience that can break down barriers and facilitate personal growth. Working with horses requires the same personal qualities that make effective communication and relationships in business & personal life work. No experience is needed, no riding is necessary and safety is always our primary importance.

Through domestication, horses have learnt to accept humans as part of their herd;

this allows them to give honest, unbiased feedback.

Horses are not capable of judgement, they are not interested in power, ethnicity, religion or our challenges, they accept us for who we are in any given moment. They are acutely perceptive and will gauge levels of trust, confidence, assertiveness, awareness and focus, challenging our behaviours in a non-threatening way. Horses have no personal agenda or investment in the outcome of any learnings, therefore they will always respond honestly to the behaviours of people or situations around them. When placed with an experienced facilitator these interactions become a truly enlightening experience.

How does this help me or my team?

These majestic creatures truly bring an unforgettable learning experience. Through sound facilitation and interpretation this can be instrumental in giving a new insight or perspective for an individual, a break-through in a team or advanced personal development. All of this is achieved in a non-threatening way avoiding many of the paths or approaches that may lead to conflict. Whether used with an individual or as a team, this insightful learning experience can help with self-confidence, self-awareness and self-development.

We offer single one hour equine contact sessions or half day packages or full day packages.

For more details or to discuss your specific requirements please contact us on 07802494865 or email

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