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Pebble Associates is a new, people focussed, coaching led, transformation consultancy based in Derbyshire.

Our mission is to heighten your awareness, boost your self-confidence and rediscover your abilities.

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Marston Montgomery, Ashbourne, Derbyshire


Lumina Practitioner Lumina

Lumina Practitioner

At Pebble Associates we are a certified Lumina Practitioner and we deliver support and learning when required to our clients using Lumina Learning Solutions.

Lumina Spark – Individual Personality Portrait

At Pebble Associates we use Lumina Learning this reveals individual potential and inspires personal and professional growth. Clients gain a deeper self-awareness and the skills to influence, build rapport with emotional intelligence and communicate with impact and value diversity.

Lumina Spark reveals your whole personality, providing a unique portrait of who you really are. Increase self-awareness, reveal hidden potential and cope better under pressure. Discover practical actions for improved communication, teamwork and leadership. Find your Inner Spark. Increase your potential.

Lumina Spark
Lumina Team

Lumina Team

At Pebble Associates we use Lumina Team to create a powerful understanding of the personalities within a team, and the culture within which a team sits, as a catalyst to enable greater team effectiveness. Work better, together. Clients refer to the Lumina Team experience as a genuine ‘Aha!’ moment.

Easy to grasp language and impactful visuals instantly highlight the traits and behaviours within a team. The result is motivated people working in high performing teams which get improved results.

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